Beginning of a New Term

This weeks starts the new term. Lessons start up again, new fresh-page notebooks and some fun ideas that I anticipate trying out. This dark rainy weather makes it particularly easy to stay in and organise folders and tidy up.

Over the course of preparation i’ve burnt out pretty much all of my nice candles trying to make an ambience of my work space, but I thought I share a little music that has been beautifying the room over the past week or so…

In a low-res glowy halo…George Harrison Paul Simon- Here Comes the Sun:

From one of my favourite ‘Berlin Bowie’ records, Low, Always Crashing in the Same Car:

In other news, I’ve recently started volunteering at Norah Head lighthouse. Tours of the building run daily until 1.30pm

The lighthouse on a sunny day
The lighthouse on a sunny day

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