Internet Show & Tell no.1: Kalt

In an attempt to blog more regularly, I decided I’d like to share something musical or interesting that I come across on the internet each week (though this might end up more of a fortnightly habit). This week… Kælan Mikla’s video for their new song Kalt.

The band is an Icelandic group that began in poetry slams. The band have said writing in their native language is naturally an expressive vehicle for conveying their poetic meaning (More here…). They’ve also said that they didn’t understand how they attract an audience outside of Iceland, where the meanings of the lyrics are obscured.

The music to me isn’t instantly hypnotic but is quickly elevated though a building visceral energy. There’s something very aesthetically pleasing about the words. They seem perfectly picked. The consonants have great attack and are so interesting to an English speaker. Even though I can’t fully understand the words with all their connotations (though I did google translate), it’s provocative.


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